Nutrition plays an important role in disease management

  • What is the best food to feed to my pet?
  • Can dogs and cats eat human food?
  • Can I make my own food for my pets?
  • Where do I find complete and balanced recipes for my pets?
  • Do I need a nutritionist to help formulate a diet for my pet?

Have you been told that your beloved dog or cat has a serious disease like diabetes, liver or kidney disease, a gastrointestinal disorder or cancer? Such a diagnosis can be overwhelming because you want the very best for your pet, and it is difficult to know where to start.

Welcome to a warm and compassionate environment

I am glad you found your way to this site. It probably means that you are aware of the importance of nutrition for your pet family. Appropriate nutrition plays an important role in a long, healthy, life for your dog or cat. Pet Nutrition Consulting offers compassionate, qualified advice, based on years of experience.

You entrust the life of your pet to those who supply your pet’s food. Take the time to be certain that the food you buy or the person you obtain nutrition advice from is qualified and unbiased.

Research shows that proper nutrition can increase the average life span of a dog up to two years.
Pet Nutrition Consulting can complement regular veterinary treatment with supportive nutrition. Are you doing all you can?

Ask us, you’ll like the answer.

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Susan Lauten, PhD
Pet Nutrition Consulting
Partial List of Services:

  • Diets and advice for dogs and cats with medical issues
  • Custom tailored nutrition for dogs and cats living with cancer or other long term illness
  • Analysis of current feeding program for healthy dogs and cats (Is your home cooked diet complete and balanced?)
  • Brief telephone consultations for those who just have questions or need advice
  • Analysis of current raw diet feeding programs for healthy dogs and cats
  • Supplementation for optimal health
  • Balanced home-cooked diet formulations
  • Follow-up consultations for ongoing medical conditions, critical care nutrition, and after-care once at home are offered. Someone is available 24/7 for those who need immediate and continued assistance

No medical advice can be provided by Pet Nutrition Consulting.

Please contact your veterinarian for all medical related questions.

Pet Nutrition Consulting will work with your veterinarian to provide optimal nutrition for your pet family’s health problems.

Recipes provided are complete and balanced for your pet’s medical condition when prepared according to recipe instructions, using the specific supplements listed.  Pet Nutrition Consulting is not liable for any damages with respect to ingredient or supplement selection, food preparation, food handling and storage and feeding methods of any recipe.