Barb Killough

I highly recommend Dr. Susan Lauten. She’s extremely knowledgeable, precise, patient, and explains what she is doing every step of the way. Dr. Lauten is always available when there’s a problem and has been known to work lots of weekends! It’s so comforting to have someone available after hours when you are in a crisis. Murphy’s Law is that those crises always seem to happen after hours!

Bill Curtis

Thanks for giving us our dog back. Our 9-year old Brittany has suffered from skin and intestinal allergies most of his life…
Due to your formula, no more licking, scratching, etc. And for the first time, he enjoys eating…
We now have a happy dog!

Dr. Voulgaris

CARE, Santa Monica, CA.
“A client came in today with her Schnauzer, who had numerous medical issues, and we started talking about diet and she said how she was so thankful to have found Susan Lauten in Tennessee and went on to say how great you were-were your ears burning today? Great reputation all over the country. Way to go Susan!”


I contacted Dr. Lauten as the last resort. If I had only known about her it would of saved me and JJ (my 11 year old Diabetic Schnauzer) and Cody my 7 year old Schnauzer a lot of pain and stress.

Dr. Cinque

Georgia is special dog and was, unfortunately, a common visitor to the clinic. Everyone knows Georgia on site and she always seems happy to visit with us. Georgia had chronic skin problems when she was younger and was frequently on medications and special shampoos. Her problem of itchy, stinky and red skin would always clear immediately with treatment, but, eventually, they would always return. It was so frustrating.


Dr. Susan Lauten’s comprehensive approach to nutrition, combined with an in depth customization for your pets needs make her the perfect pet nutritionist. Her knowledge helps bring permanent and sustainable dietary solutions to a myriad of problems.


Now we know how vitally important diet and nutrition are – especially to Weims, to any dog probably – as we have seen up close and in abject terror what IBS and auto-immune disorders can do to a fur-covered family member…there is no doubt that the happy, healthy, sturdy pooch – silver velvet – 100lbs! – is a testament to your recipes for success.

Terry McGauley

Dr. Lauten created a salmon/fish diet for Tessa that has helped bring her kidney problem in check. This was in May of 2010 when I started her on the homemade diet. We are over year later and Tessa is doing great! Along with all this Dr. Lauten added some extra nutritional vitamins to help her olfactory issues.lems.

Pam Masters

Lucy, a Shar Pei, was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure in April 2010; she had less than a month to live. I called Susan anyway, it is now October. She has two vets, a specialist and a regular vet. They cannot believe she is still alive, much less running and playing. I believe in Susan so much that I would personally recommend her to anyone.

Bella Bradshaw

Bella was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Most of her symptoms responded to medication, but we could not find a commercial food that she could tolerate. Enter Susan Lauten and Pet Nutrition Consulting. Susan went over Bella’s medical and food history with a fine tooth comb. She came up with an initial diet to encourage Bella to eat, that was easy for me to prepare and Bella loved it, following me around after the first feeding begging for more.


7 years from rescue Zeus is the “poster boy” for Westies. Could be the Caesar dog food commercial. We both thank and love you. I would be happy to speak to anyone who is uncertain about this history.


Snuggles Crosby

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my dog’s life. Snuggles was getting sick every other day with vomiting, eating grass and just not eating her food. She was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Paula Mitchell

Shorty’s IBD symptoms were improving, however his coat started shedding, his skin a mess! Just petting him would cause the loss of large amounts of hair.
The IBD diet was the culprit, lacking much needed vitamins and nutrients. On October 27, 2011 I contacted Dr. Susan Lauten. We discussed Shorty’s IBD and diet and Within a week Dr. Lauten had a recipe for a Turkey and Quinoa maintenance diet for Shorty.

Karin Singleton

I have known Dr. Susan Lauten since September 2009 when I contacted her as a last resort for my dog who was not getting back on his paws after extensive surgery. The veterinarians agreed that nutrition may be the key to his recovery and provided me with 20 pages about canine nutrition from a veterinary textbook. I WAS COMPLETELY LOST.


Our vet was impressed with how much Freddie has changed since he first saw him in September. At that time he had a kidney infection, a bladder infection, and liver problems as well as his skin cancer. Now the infections are all gone and his liver is improving. He has put on another pound in weight and his thighs and loins look much more filled out. He’s a bundle of energy now, and definitely wants daily walks, otherwise he paces the house! So we walk 1-3 miles a day.